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Job Board Direct are currently working on a recruitment campaign with The Nook Neurodevelopmental Clinic who are advertising for a Clinical Psychologist (Autism and ADHD).

The Nook Neurodevelopmental Clinic specialises in private autism and ADHD assessments for children, young people and adults from 5 years upwards. We operate from clinics in Farnham Surrey & Esher Greater London

The Nook Clinic was set up by Dr Selina Warlow (Clinical Psychologist) who has over 10 years’ experience working in mental health services.

Dr Warlow has worked in both the NHS and The Priory and wanted to set up a private neurodevelopmental service to provide both assessment and support for children, young people, and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

We understand that finding the right support is so important and we want to celebrate the strengths and brilliance of the adults and children that we meet.

We work with individuals and support families, children, and adults with understanding their diagnosis and building on their strengths with an overall aim to improve emotional wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on our evidence-based practice and follow assessment protocols from the National Institution for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance. We also use the DSM-5 criteria to diagnosis ADHD and ASD and our clinical experience and observations to determine the appropriate diagnosis for you/your child.

At the Nook Neurodevelopmental Clinic, we have a multi-disciplinary team of experienced clinicians who have specialised in working with children and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions both privately and in the NHS. We are aware that this process can be daunting and we are here to guide you through each step and answer any questions you have and put you at ease through the process. We are passionate about ensuring individuals feel heard and supported through this journey.

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The Vacancy:

Clinical Psychologist (Autism and ADHD)
Pay: £56,000 – £61,000 dependent on experience (pro rata 15 hours)
Hours: 15 hours per week
Company: The Nook Therapy Clinic
Location: Flexible – one day a week in either Farnham or Esher clinic
Responsible to: Clinical Psychologist
Accountable To: Clinical Psychologist


The Nook Therapy Clinic is a specialist healthcare company working to support adults, children, young people, and their families affected by mental health, Autism and ADHD conditions to support individuals and families to reach their full potential.


This post holder will work as part of The Nook Therapy Clinic providing diagnostic assessments to young people and adults.

This role is open to Clinical Psychologists who can offer expertise in the field of autism and ADHD. The post holder will support designated members of staff and provide advice and awareness raising of neurodiversity across agencies to facilitate group activities, contributing to the planning and implementation of interventions.


The Clinical Psychologist will contribute to the diagnostic assessment of autism and ADHD in children, young people, and adults (additional training will be provided if needed).

You will be under the supervision of the lead psychologist and will provide specialist advice and support to multi-disciplinary and multi-agency professionals and families working with neuro-diverse children, young people, and adults. You will help lead MDT discussions with the team to support the assessment and diagnosis of adults and children with ASD and ADHD.

Under the guidance of the lead psychologist, you will gain experience and provide tailored, evidence-based, outcome-focused time-limited support to the partners/carers and wider family members of autistic/neuro-diverse children and young people.

The post holder will:

Contribute to the development, coordination and evaluation of specialist interventions provided within the Neurodevelopmental Service.

Support and contribute to research projects, ensuring interventions are evidence-based and comply with NICE guidelines, current legislation pertaining to autism and ADHD and professional standards.

Undertake a caseload to support senior Neurodevelopmental Team colleagues and work according to a plan agreed with the Team Lead and Clinical Lead for the service.

The post holder will offer specialist knowledge and skills applied through theoretical and practical experience and contribute to multi-disciplinary case discussions.

The post holder will be required to undertake training and become proficient under supervision in the assessment of autism and ADHD and the use of diagnostic assessment tools as recommended in NICE guidance.

Ensure effective and timely contribution to multi-disciplinary team discussion and supervision around diagnostic assessments.

Contribute to the development of the service, supporting the organisation to implement a range of activities and/or programmes. These may be ongoing and require contributing to evaluation and improvement.

Provide specialist advice and consultation to other professionals forging strong relationships across the Neurodevelopment multidisciplinary team (MDT) and other agencies.

The post holder will be an autonomous practitioner within their level of competency, under the guidance of the lead psychologist. Manage own caseload providing support and advice to individuals with autism spectrum conditions and ADHD.

Service Management Ensure adherence to Health Board policies and procedures and legislation and good practice guidance around autism and ADHD at all times.

Contribute to the development and review of Neurodevelopmental team policies and procedures. Service Improvement.

To be a positive role model, adhering to professional codes of practice and Health Board values, providing excellent standards of care.

The post holder will critically evaluate research evidence relating to clinical effectiveness and share this information with other team members. Highlight unmet needs for this service area to respective senior colleagues.

Contribute to, and support colleagues in relation to Neurodevelopmental service audits, service evaluation and quality improvement.

Support an effective system to enable service users and family/carer involvement in service development.

Utilise theory, evidence-based literature, and research to inform your work. Contribute to clinical research, as opportunities arise.


Communicate with clients, their relatives and multi-agency professionals regarding complex condition-related, sensitive and/or distressing information.

Barriers to acceptance and understanding may need to be overcome and this will require the use of highly developed interpersonal skills and empathy.

Attendance at case conferences, meetings and reviews as required.

To be an effective communicator with a range of people, including service users and their families, within the Neurodevelopmental multi-disciplinary team and across multi-agency settings.

The Clinical Psychologist will demonstrate an excellent range of communication skills, incorporating emotional intelligence.

Prepare comprehensive, analytical, and sensitively written diagnostic assessment reports on service users.

Ensure appropriate and timely sharing of information with other agencies as required/with consent.

Develop and deliver a range of educational and training materials in a range of settings through different mediums.


Relevant degree in Clinical Psychology and Registered member of HCPC.

Willingness to train in the use of specific autism and ADHD diagnostic assessment instruments

Demonstrates an understanding of the needs of autistic individuals, individuals with ADHD and their families/carers/partners.

Has insight into the changing needs of those with autism and ADHD across the lifespan Has knowledge of multi-agency partnership working and/or provision of multidisciplinary care/support for autistic people Has knowledge of standards of record keeping. Has an understanding of the impact of local, cultural, linguistic and demographic factors which influence service delivery in own clinical specialism.

Has knowledge of working with adults and/or children and their families with Autism and/or ADHD.

Willingness to develop knowledge and experience in working with ASD and ADHD across the life span.

Experience of multi-agency partnership working and ability to promote multi-disciplinary/multiagency and collaborative practice with a wide range of partners.

Ability and experience in developing, planning implementing and delivering a range of training packages to others Experience in using information gathering/reporting systems and is IT literate in the use of appropriate software.

Be responsible for managing own time effectively and applying prudent health care principles when managing workload and travel time.

Actively participate in professional and personal development ensuring completion of mandatory and core training required for the role.

Ensure active engagement with clinical and line management supervision offered.

Attend Community of Practice network events as deemed necessary by Team Lead.

Ensure active engagement with performance appraisal reviews as per Health Board policy.

The Clinical Psychologist will be required to supervise junior staff members as required.

To maintain the highest standards of clinical record keeping including electronic data entry and recording, report writing and the responsible exercise of professional self-governance in accordance with professional codes of practice of the BPS as well as The Nook Therapy Clinic’s policies and procedures. Responsibility, via paper or electronic systems, for maintaining accurate and contemporaneous records and securely storing and retrieving necessary information/documentation as per The Nook Therapy Clinic Handbook.

To use Digital Recording Equipment as per The Nook Therapy Clinic Handbook. Responsible for collation and analysis of assessment and evaluation data, may be required to set up new databases to collect and analyse clinical information for audit and/or research purposes.

To acquire an awareness of legislation, national and local policies, and issues in relation to both the specific client group, mental health, and other aspects relevant to ongoing projects.

Be familiar and confident with various IT packages – Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.

Post-holder works within limits agreed upon and managed by the clinical lead. The use of initiative is required in working independently and in prioritising work within these boundaries.

The post holder will receive regular supervision from a qualified clinical psychologist.

The post holder will work within service and handbook guidelines, policies and procedures and the professional codes of practice of the British Psychological Society.

The post holder will engage in all mandatory training and other aspects of training identified through appraisal.

The Nook Therapy Clinic is committed to protect its staff, patients, assets and reputation through an effective risk management process.

The post holder will be required to comply with The Nook Therapy Clinic policies in relation to risk of self and others and actively participate in this process and have responsibility for managing risks and reporting exceptions.

Physical strain occurs due to sitting for lengthy periods either in clinical sessions, meetings or at a computer.

Physical effort is required in transporting and carrying test materials and equipment between bases for use in clinical sessions.

Substantial mental effort is required in conducting specialised assessments requiring a high level of concentration to ensure that all necessary information is gathered from a range of sources, and assessment procedures are carried out according to established protocols to ensure validity and reliability.

Concentrated mental effort is required for report writing in order to summarise cogently key issues. This is also the case in the development of research and training initiatives.

High levels of emotional effort are required in dealing with clients who are upset, overwhelmed by events or symptoms, highly anxious or angry.

Similarly addressing issues of challenging behaviours in clients may be emotionally taxing both in relating directly to the client and to staff who may be under a considerable level of strain.

The Clinical Psychologist is expected to have continuous regard for the Equality Act (2010) and always act in ways that support equality and value diversity.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the overall business objectives of the organisation.

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