The Benefits of Video Marketing

I’m sure you are aware by now, as younger generations begin to enter the digital world, it’s no surprise that video has become one of the most effective means of advertisement. Text and images just don’t seem to make the mark anymore compared to using video content.

By using video, you can retain your audience for longer. In fact Insivia found that viewers spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

This is definitely a strategy you should be implementing, especially when it comes to recruiting.

According to Cisco, video accounts for a whopping 80% of all consumer internet traffic and is continuing to rise.
Other benefits of video marketing is it will attract more relevant candidates and allows you to give applicants a genuine feel for your company by promoting its values, culture and working life.
Not only will it increase applicant responses but it also increases traffic and click-through rate to your website (157% increase).

Were you aware that 81% of businesses use video marketing as a tool?

Within the recruitment industry, poor job application processes are likely to disengage candidates pretty quickly. The issue is many applicants will be applying to more than one advert at a time, it is therefore so important to make job adverts interesting, attractive and stand out from the crowd.

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