COVID-19 – What you can control

These past three months have been incredibly testing for most of us. We have experienced so many changes and restrictions that most of us have never had to deal with before. It has not only been physically draining but mentally too.

My advice to you, is to not get sucked into the negative aspects of this pandemic (which I know, is much easier said than done).

Governments rules and restrictions are something none of us can control. How other people have been dealing with the spread is also something that you cannot control. During this lockdown period, I have witnessed far too many people (myself included) wasting their energy trying to grasp onto things that ultimately, they cannot change.

As lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, I think this is the time to start really focusing on the aspects you do have control over. I’m not just talking about who you decide to welcome into your ‘bubble’, but to take this time to re-evaluate the things in your life that really matter. Whether this involves letting your loved ones know how much they really mean to you or taking some time each day to do what you love the most.

Now is the time to start learning to be kind to ourselves, especially when living in such uncertain times. Rest assured we are all in this together.

What can we do to help?

As a Recruitment agency, we can offer materials to help you write a CV that will stand out from the rest. Especially during these times, you need to be making sure your CV is up to date and readable! This is something else you can control.

If you are looking for work and wish to register with us or find out more information, please email: [email protected]

We look forward to helping you!

Stay Positive.

Abbie x