Creating the perfect job advert

Creating the perfect job advert

Follow these simple steps to attract quality candidates and make the most of your jobadvertising.

Firstly, the job title needs to simply explain what the role is e.g. Receptionist.

Think ‘What would an applicant searching for this job type into Google?’ Our consultants have years of experience to advise on the most effective wording of a jobtitle to ensure it attracts the right candidates, please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

Every job board has certain requirement so we make sure your advert is set up correctly to get the most out of the site.

Key information your advert should include:

Location – You should include your company’s location as a full postcode. If your company is in a rural location, then decide on the nearest town with a good population to advertise the vacancy.

Salary / hourly rate – Salary should be included and displayed at the top of the advert. We recommend displaying the salary on your job, as this helps candidates decide whether they’re at the right level for the position. If you do not display the salary you will not be included in the ‘Jobs by E-mail’ and reduce your application amount by up to 30%.

Company Information – Any interesting information about your company and what you specialise in to attract applicants. You need to put yourself into the applicant’s shoes and ask what is it about your company that makes you stand out, why would a candidate want to work there? Remember your advert is competing against others, so you need to stand out from the rest!

Word Count – Research conducted by Wave Advertising in early 2020 showed that adverts with a word count of 250 – 300 performed best across all job boards on average.

Key duties – A short, concise summary of what the position involves – the applicant’s duties and responsibilities. It’s important that you keep this part precise. Remember you are creating an advertisement not a job description. Briefly summarise what the main duties of the applicant will be to give them an idea as to whether they have the correct skills involved.

Required skills – The qualifications, skills and competences required to succeed in the position.

This can include any specific qualifications you require – state whether they are essential or desirable.


For this example, we are recruiting for a Deputy Nursery Manager. Mention the title at least 3 – 5 times throughout the advert.

Job Title: Deputy Nursery Manager
Location: SE15 2LB
Salary: up to £32-35,000 depending on experience
Deputy Nursery Manager

Short paragraph about fantastic opportunities and location and business etc. (3 or 4 lines max)
Requirements for the Deputy Nursery Manager

4 or 5 bullet points including qualification and minimum years’ experience accepted
The Role of Deputy Nursery Manager

3 or 4 bullet points on what is included in the role and the responsibilities -keep it brief

Benefits available for the Deputy Nursery Manager:

4 or 5 bullet points (if you can’t think of any it can be as simple as career progression, exposure to learn new skills,
parking included,holiday allowance, and pension scheme etc)

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Further information:

We can also divert all applicants to apply directly via your website if you have a recruitment / careers page. This is a much better process if you have a specific application form that you require them to complete.

IMPORTANT: Remember what you can and can’t say in an advert:

Any further questions or advice about how to create the perfect job advert, please call us on 01483 423997 or visit