Benefits of Temping

Temporary work is an excellent way to develop new skills and gain exposure to different environments.

At DCA we work with a large variety of clients that can offer an insight into their business.

Not only can you gain valuable transferable skills you will get a feel for the industry.

This is a great way to understand if that sector is where you wish to start a career.

DCA Recruitment deal with PR, Marketing, Charitys, Schools, Shipping, Logistics, Public Sector, IT and Insurance companies locally in Godalming / Guildford area.

I always advise college and recent graduates to go and try out a few temp jobs in sectors of interest, this can be valuable experience while putting some extra pennies in the bank.

It also helps keep mum and dad off your back for a while.

With temporary staff we always meet candidates and match accordingly on a skills basis but more recently we have found so many candidates have a vast array of experience it often comes down to character.

I often hear clients tell me that it simply came down to who they felt would fit in with the current team.

Also our clients offer full training on systems as many are bespoke these days.

For candidates who wish to change career temping also opens up opportunities as hiring managers can be much more flexible with transferable skills.

Temporary opportunities can often offer a great opportunity to learn new things while building new contacts on a professional and personal basis.

During my 20 years in placing temporary staff I have introduced three candidates that have found love in the work place, wedding bells and now have young families.

I often joke with one client that we should also offer a match making service.

But jokes aside those situations have been very special and make the job worth it.
If you have worked in one sector for a long time and are really keen to break into a different industry, temping can be the answer.

You may have always dreamed about working for a specific company or in a specific sector but trying to get your break can sometimes prove extremely difficult.

The reality of working somewhere is very different from your expectations, so temping gives you the opportunity to try before you buy

So register with DCA Recruitment and start looking for those new local opportunities.

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